2014 Congress Schedule (REVISED)

Download CTS Revised Program 2014

Monday, May 26 (Welcome and Panel Sessions in Cairns, Room 310) 

9-9:10AM - Welcome Session, Allen Jorgenson, CTS President


  • Cairns, Room 310 – “Preaching as Medium and Maker of Meaning,” D. Laurence DeWolfe (Atlantic School of Theology)
  • Cairns, Room 313 – “Taking Up the Past: Queer Temporality and Transformative Social Praxis,” Robert Timmons (Emmanuel College, TST)


9:50-10:10AM – Break


  • Cairns, Room 310 – “Friendship as a Philosophical Foundation of Theological Biography,” Preston Parsons (University of Cambridge)
  • Cairns, Room 313 – “From the Dust of the Ground: Towards and Ecological Anthropology,” Adrian Langdon (Nipissing University and Laurentian University)


  • Cairns, Room 310 – “The Politics of Decline and Retrieval: Bernard Lonergan’s Foundations for Democratic Citizenship,” Nick Olkovich (University of St. Michael’s College, TST)
  • Cairns, Room 313 – “The Blame Game: Emotion, Reason, and the Will in Rival Thomistic Accounts of Moral Error,” Michael Buttrey (Regis College, TST)


12:20-1:30PM – Lunch

1:30-2:30PM – Jay Newman Lecture: Dr. Janet Wesselius (Augustana Campus, University of Alberta)

2:30-2:50PM – Break


  • Cairns, Room 310 – “Feeling Beyond the Rational: Empathy and Ethics in Coetzee and the Christian Tradition,” Matt Eaton (University of Saint Michael’s College, TST)
  • Cairns, Room 313 – “Jesus’ Resurrection as a Saturated Phenomenon,” Donald Schweitzer (St. Andrew’s College)


3:30-5:00PM – CTS AGM

5:00-7:00PM – Supper Break

7:00-8:30PM – Panel: Ecotheological Epistemologies, Borders and Praxis


Tuesday, May 27 (Student Luncheon and Panel Sessions in Glenridge Building, Room A-201)


  • Glenridge Building, Room A-201 – “Literature as Theology: Recovering the Christian Religious Ideal with the Help of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables,” Jean-Pierre Fortin (University of Saint Michael’s College, TST)
  • International Centre, Room 112 – “Martyrdom and Dialogue: Ecumenism in Martyrdom of the Catholic Jesuit Alfred Delp and the Evangelical Helmuth James Graf von Moltke,” Peter Nguyen (Regis College, TST)



  • Glenridge Building, Room A-201 – “A Theological Analysis of Peter Weir’s The Truman Show,” Jeffrey A. Allen (Lonergan Research Institute, Toronto)
  • International Centre, Room 112 -  ”How Many is Too Many? A Theological Propaedeutic for Polyamory,” Jesse Smith (Saint Paul University)

10:20-10:40AM – Break

10:40-11:50AM – Panel - Truth and Reconciliation:  Theological Challenges and Opportunities

12:00-12:50PM – Student Luncheon: Discussions in the Field


  • Glenridge Building, Room A-201 – “Books, Metadata and the Theological Library: Rethinking Borders, Boundaries and Emergence,” Gordon Rixon (Regis College, TST)
  • International Centre, Room 112 – “A Sensuous Pursuit of Justice/Love: An Examination of the Erotically Pleasurable and Morally Formative Practice of Yoga,” Samantha Cavanaugh, (Emmanuel College, TST)


1:30-2:30PM – CTS Presidential Address: Allen Jorgenson (Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) “Imago Dei and Imago Mundi: Imagining a Modest Humanity”

2:30-2:50PM – Break


  • Glenridge Building, Room A-201 – “Kant’s Unmerciful God and the Law of Unhappiness,” Cameron M. Thomson (University of Edinburgh)
  • International Centre, Room 112 – “Labouring in a Foreign Land: An Ecofeminist Approach Toward the New Cosmology,” Abigail L. Lofte (University of St. Michael’s College, TST)



  • Glenridge Building, Room A-201 – “Being at Borders with Paul Tillich,” Marc Dumas (Université de Sherbrooke)
4:10-4:40PM – End Paper Presentations
5:00-7:00PM – Universities President’s Reception (Congress) (check Congress schedule for location)

 6:00-8:00PM – CTS Dinner