Call For Papers

Call for Papers: Canadian Theological Society 2019 Annual Meeting
Monday, June 3 – Wednesday, June 5, 2019
University of British Columbia. Vancouver, British Columbia

The theme for the Canadian Theological Society for 2019 is “Circles of Conversation.” This theme emphasizes the deep, two-way relationships between the discipline of theology and the communities it serves at the local, provincial, national and global levels. Particular attention will be devoted to productive scholarly relations with Indigenous communities. We also welcome proposals on other topics in theology, and in all of the theological disciplines, including pastoral, systematic, philosophical and moral theology.

Alongside its peer disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, theology is invited to open up much-needed space for dialogue, debate, and dissent, and showcase creative critical engagements within and across disciplines, with topics as diverse as sustainability, accessibility, global mobility, health, culture and education. With this year’s annual meeting, the Canadian Theological Society thus wishes to foster and encourage circles of conversation among scholars, educators, students, leaders, activists, and the public at large, so that people can speak with one another, listen and learn together.

Theological reflection on this theme includes, for example, the role of theology in creating spaces for mutually enriching encounter and dialogue within and beyond communities of faith, as well as the coming together and confluence of diverse theological perspectives and responses to the great challenges of our time. A third theme may involve pedagogical and ministerial resources enabling theological scholarship to find new ways to invite to and engage in a communal search for God.

We welcome theological papers from all religious traditions, and especially seek those that engage Indigenous traditions of Canada. Given the theme of conversation, we also are particularly eager to explore theologies outside of mainstream Christianity, including postcolonial, feminist, environmental and animal studies.

The Canadian Theological Society invites proposals pertaining to these and related themes in two formats:

1. 20/20 Presentations

We will again follow the 20/20 format used in previous years, inviting presentations of twenty minutes with twenty minutes of discussion to follow. Typically the presentation will be an account of a larger research project. Since members work in a variety of fields and specializations, attention should be given to presenting advanced work in an accessible way.


Submit a proposal that includes:

  • Title of presentation;
  • Proposal of a maximum 300-400 words (with word count), which includes an abstract, the problem your scholarship engages, and the contribution you plan to make;
  • Requests for audio-visual equipment (A/V equipment will be available only if it is requested in the proposal);
  • On a separate page, please include:
    • Presenter’s name, institution or professional affiliation, and contact information.

2. Panels

We invite panels on issues that are relevant to members, especially as related to the theme of the annual meeting. Panel proposals should be developed to foster dialogue among the panelists and with those attending in the audience. Thus, we discourage panels that consist only of reading several papers.


Submit a proposal that includes:

  • Title of panel;
  • Length of panel (40 or 80 minutes);
  • Proposal of a maximum 300-400 words (with word count), which includes an abstract, the problem your scholarship engages, the contribution you plan to make, and how you plan to foster dialogue among panelists and audience (e.g., use and allotment of time);
  • Requests for audio-visual equipment (A/V equipment will be available only if it is requested in the proposal);
  • On a separate page, please include:
    • Convener’s name, institution, and contact information.  The convener will be the link between the panel and the CTS;
    • Names, institutions and contact information of all members of the panel;
    • Either the name and contact information of the moderator, or a request that CTS provide a moderator.

All proposals should be submitted in a Word or pdf file by email attachment by January 25, 2019, 4 p.m. CST to:

We will confirm receipt of all proposals submitted by email.  If you do not receive such an email confirmation within three days of submitting your proposal, contact Jean-Pierre Fortin.

Selection Criteria

In selecting proposals for 20/20 presentations or for panels, the committee will consider:

  • The clarity and significance of the proposal;
  • The quality of the contribution to scholarship;
  • The relationship of the presentation to the thematic focus of the annual meeting;
  • The contribution of the presentation to a diversity of perspectives and approaches;
  • The potential for inspiring discussion and engagement among the members.

Our goal as a Society is to foster collegial discussion of members’ work and of the work of other Canadian theologians. All presenters and attendees are encouraged to participate in as much of the program as possible. All presenters must be members in good standing of the CTS prior to the Annual Meeting. We welcome all members, students, and other interested persons to join us this year at the annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.