Inaugural Director, Centre for Christian Engagement St. Mark’s College Job Posting


The Centre for Christian Engagement at St. Mark’s College was launched in May 2019. Its mission is to help create a culture of community and dialogue by providing opportunities to address the challenges of Christians disengaging from the Church and the life of faith. The Centre for Christian Engagement was established through generous donations from The Archdiocese of Vancouver, Peter Bull, Angus Reid and Andy Szocs.


As he opened the Second Vatican Council in 1962, Pope John XXIII explained his desire to ‘throw open the windows of the church and let the fresh air of the Spirit blow through.’ He saw the need for the church to relate differently and creatively to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Pope Francis picked up on this same theme early in his pontificate, outlining in his Apostolic exhortation, Evangelii gaudium (2013) the need for the church to create a ‘culture of encounter’

and to become ‘a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcome, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.


Emphasizing the importance of listening, reflecting, learning, discussing and praying, St. Mark’s Centre for Christian Engagement seeks to enable the creation of a culture of encounter and dialogue by creating opportunities to address the challenges associated with the disengagement of Christians from the Church and the life of faith.


Reporting to the Principal, the Director of the Centre for Christian Engagement will fulfill this vision by organizing lectures and other public events that focus on the mission of the Centre. As the public face of the Centre, the Director will cultivate relationships with the broader community, both locally and nationally. The Director will work with an Advisory Committee to choose an annual roster of lectures and events, will run the logistics of those events, will do some teaching at St. Mark’s and possibly Corpus Christi Colleges, and will report back to the founders annually.


This position is a five-year, renewable contract. The primary focus in the early years will be on building the Centre and its offerings. After the first couple of years, once a rhythm is established, there will be opportunities for more teaching and other involvement with the College community.


Expectations and Responsibilities


  1. 1.      Event Coordination
  2. In consultation with appropriate stakeholders (the Principal, the Advisory Committee, the academic Deans), the Director will organize and implement all programs, events, conferences, forums, etc. that fall under the Centre. This includes




all other lectures and events at the College, for example, the Carr, Blondin, and the Compassion and Social Justice Lectures.

  1. The Director will serve as host for all events, which includes accompanying guests of the CCE during their time at the College.
  2. The Director will ensure that all logistical components to put on an event are in place.
  3. The Director will normally teach two courses in an academic year, at either St. Mark’s College or Corpus Christi College, depending on the Director’s field.
  4. The Director will do research.
  5. The Director meets regularly with the Principal.
  6. The Director participates in fundraising approaches led by the Principal in collaboration with the Director of Development.
  7. The Director has development and oversight of the budget of the CCE.
  8. The Director convenes the Advisory Committee to plan the schedule of events.
  9. The Director meets annually with the Circle of Leaders (the original donors) to present a report of activities planned and accomplished.
  10. The Director will work with the Principal to establish a national network, profiling the work of the Centre for Christian Engagement.
  11. The Director will build and maintain a media profile for the Centre for Christian Engagement, by establishing local media contacts to facilitate coverage of events with media channels such as CTV, CBC, Vancouver Sun, BC Catholic and follow up on their effectiveness.

2.      Teaching and Research

3.      Administration


Qualifications and Skills


  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. (or be close to completion) preferably in theology, philosophy, or another field in the humanities. Preference will be given to candidates with inter-disciplinary academic credentials and experience.
  • As the Centre’s mission focuses on life in the Church, the applicant must have a good understanding of Catholic theology, with an emphasis on Vatican II and its teachings.
  • Ideally, applicants will have experience of teaching and research at the post-secondary level.
  • The applicant must have strong communication and facilitation skills to work in a team setting.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a commitment to forwarding the missions and visions of St. Mark’s College and Corpus Christi College.
  • Applicants must hold or secure a valid British Columbia driver’s license. The candidate will be requested to provide a driver’s abstract.




Please submit your resume, a cover letter, and the names and contact information of two referees to


Applications are open until filled. Preferred start date: August 1st, 2021

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