2018 Jay Newman Memorial Lecture

Jay Newman Memorial Lecture, to be presented to the Canadian Theological Society at Congress in Regina, May 28, 2018. 1:55PM in CL130

A Clash of Fundamentalist Fantasies


In this lecture, Drury will argue that the conflict between the United States and Muslim extremists is not a “clash of civilizations” but a clash of fundamentalist fantasies that are mirror images of one another. Moreover, the political influence of the Evangelicals in American politics, and their support for Donald Trump, is bound to make America’s messianic nationalism more belligerent and the conflict more perilous.
Shadia B. Drury is former Canada Research Chair in Social Justice and now Professor Emerita at the University of Regina. Her books include Terror and Civilization (2004), Aquinas and Modernity (2008) and The Bleak Political Implications of Socratic Religion (2017).