Protocol on Honorary Membership in the Canadian Theological Society

 1.0                The Canadian Theological Society (“CTS” and “the Society”) shall, from time to time, appoint Honorary Members to the Society.

 2.0                Honorary Members retain their status until their death or until they request to be removed.

 2.1          The status of an Honorary Member may be revoked by the Society’s Executive, if the Member has an egregious breach of conduct, subject to conferral with the general membership.

 3.0                Honorary Members are exempt from all dues payable to the Society.

 3.1.1           The Society will pay any other CTS-related fees (e.g. annual subscriptions to Studies in Religion) on behalf of Honorary Members.

 4.0                Process of Appointment

 4.1                Any CTS Member or Members may nominate any other CTS Member to be appointed as an Honorary Member.

 4.2                The nominator(s) will write a letter to the CTS Secretary outlining the reasons for the nomination, including such things as the candidate’s credentials, contributions to theology (especially theology in Canada), and participation in and service to the Society.  The latter criterion is of particular importance.   Such a letter of nomination may be filed at any time.

 4.3                The Secretary will forward the nomination to the CTS Executive committee for consideration, together with any other relevant materials or information.

 4.4                The Executive will consider the nomination.  If the Executive approves of the nomination, the Secretary will present the positive recommendation to the next Annual General Meeting of the Society.  If the Executive rejects the nomination, the Secretary will send a letter to the nominator(s) with a brief explanation.

 4.5                If the Executive approves of the nomination, the members of the Society in attendance at the Annual General Meeting shall hear the nomination and vote on its approval.

 4.6                Nominations of Honorary Members from the floor of the Annual General Meeting are welcome.  In such cases, the nominator(s) will follow the process outlined in Section 4.0.

 5.0                The Executive shall announce the appointment of a new Honorary Member in an appropriate manner. The Secretary will adjust the membership records accordingly.  The President will write a congratulatory letter to the new appointee.

6.0                The Secretary or Communications Officer shall maintain a list of current and deceased Honorary Members.


Ratified June 3, 2013 by the General Membership of the Canadian Theological Society at the Annual General Meeting at the CTS Conference, Victoria, BC.