New CTS website and email list

Well, if you have found yourself to this point, you already know that the CTS has a new website and web address. At the AGM in May, it was announced that the CTS would be establishing its own website at a new web address. The purpose of the change is to enhance communication with CTS members, and to make CTS more visible to the wider academic community. For many years the CTS webpages have been hosted by the CCSR, and we appreciate the opportunity that this represented. However, with our pages buried within the CCSR and other society pages, many search engines and indexes did not give prominence to the CTS. In addition, the CCSR site did not provide many of the technical opportunities available on many websites today.

The new domain name of the website is CTS-STC.CA. This is intended to be a bilingual address. At this point in time, there is very little French material on this website, but we hope that it will be possible to increase the francophone participation in the CTS and that a volunteer might be found who can translate the existing pages and help us develop new content.

In addition to the website, there is another opportunity made possible by the new domain name. We now have an email listserv. This is an automated email distribution system. This will allow the CTS executive to communicate with the list members quickly and effectively.

  • Subscription to the email list is currently open to the public, it is not restricted to CTS members
  • This is not a discussion list. The list is intended only for the distribution of CTS- and Congress-related announcements. The CTS Facebook group is available for some discussion
  • There is a list archive in case you misplace an announcement
  • To avoid spam, the list requires subscribers to reply to a “confirmation email” before their subscription is activated
  • The automated list allows subscribers to revise their subscription details (email address, name, html or text, etc…)
  • The webmaster can assist with changing subscription details
  • Our existing list of CTS members has been automatically subscribed to the new list

To add, edit, or cancel your subscription to the email list, please visit or email

Finally, one other feature of the website is the new RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a means of distributing new website postings, such as this one. By subscribing to the RSS feed with an RSS reader or aggregator, you will be notified as soon as a new post is added to the CTS website.