Getting to Know Your Exec – Presidential Edition!

Allen Jorgenson Hi all, and welcome to CTS.  I am in my last week as president of CTS, and so just finishing up the second of a three year term.  Last year I served as president-elect and next year will be past-president.  My experience on the executive has been immeasurably rich, and my fellow executive

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Congress Schedule has been Revised!

Make sure you check out the revised schedule for Congress. Lots of great papers and presentations this year!  

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Abstract for Upcoming Jay Newman Lecture

“A Matter of Bones, Feathers, and Wishful Thinking”:  Science and the Marginalization of Religion  Dr. Janet Wesselius This title comes from the Terry Lecture series delivered by the American novelist Marilynne Robinson in 2010 when she offered this description of how religion is caricatured by some eminent scholars in the alleged conflict between science and

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